Handcrafted Bath and Products Made With the Finest Natural Ingredients. 

I can't get enough of these lotion bars, soaps, lotions, scrubs and lip balms! 


That Soap Shop was created by these two guys (photo above) Chris and Hien! It all started when Chris and Hien were on vacation and Hien found lotion and soap he just loved! The scientist behind Chris said, "I can make that!" and that was the beginning of That Soap Shop. 

My favorite product & scent!!!!

My favorite product & scent!!!!

If you haven’t tried one of our lotion bars yet, your skin doesn’t know what it’s missing! Lotion bars are jam packed with intensely moisturizing oils and butters just like our traditional lotion, but in a compact and easy to carry around size.

The Shea Butter, Jojoba and Argan oils penetrate deep into dry cracked skin delivering maximum hydration without the need for emulsifiers, chemicals, preservatives or petroleum products.

Lotion bars are perfect for weathered hands, cracked heels, elbows and any other rough patches that need some love. Simply remove the lotion from the tin and gently rub it on the affected area. Formulated to melt at body temperature, it will leave a thin moisturizing layer that resists light washing; Great for nurses, cooks, technicians and anybody else that washes their hands frequently.
Lotion Bar:  LINK  // Flat Stanley:  LINK

Lotion Bar: LINK // Flat Stanley: LINK

Recently, I had the opportunity to see That Soap Shop's factory and got to make my own lotion and test a new product! 

Birthdays, businesses, baby showers & holidays no problem! Customize your own That Soap Shop products for any occasion [great stocking stuffer]!!! 

Want to try them all? Well, I have a BLACK FRIDAY deal for you! Whether it is for you or a gift to a loved one, That Soap Shop gift box is NOW available! {HERE

Limited Time Special!

Save more than $20 off the regular price! You choose the scent of the scrub and lotion, the rest will be an assortment of our best selling scents. 


1 Shea+Jojoba Salt Scrub
1 Shea+Jojoba Hand and Body Lotion
2 Shea+Jojoba Lotion Bars
2 Bars of Soap
2 Flavored Lip Balm

Thanks for sharing the goodies with all of us, Chris & Hien! 

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